Anyone can learn once we learn how to teach them


Guided by this simple premise each student's unique set of interests, strengths and needs drive the development of their comprehensive program. Active collaboration between professionals and families allows us to gain a greater understanding of the student.

We aim for our students to achiever greater independence through:

  • Fostering effective communication

  • Learning positive behaviors and self regulation strategies

  • Building relationships and acquiring social skills

  • Gaining life skills and experience through greater access to the community

  • Developing academic skills to be generalized across multiple life contexts


Our History & Philosophy

The Creekside School was founded by parents to meet the needs of their children while respecting their individuality. The Creekside School's philosophical foundation is based in the DIR®/Floortime™ model. Though this model was originally intended for young children in clinical or home-based settings The Creekside School uses principles of DIR® and Floortime™ within a school curriculum. Key components of the DIR® framework that The Creekside School emphasizes include:

  • Recognizing students' unique and special learning differences

  • Using personal interests and autonomy as the primary drive for learning

  • Addressing sensory-processing and biomedical needs

  • Understanding psychological and emotional factors in supporting students

  • Considering developmental levels in designing curriculum

  • Developing positive relationships between students and their Creekside team

The Creekside School takes an eclectic approach using a variety of educational approaches and therapeutic interventions to fit each individual student. Our team strives to stay current with progressive methodologies. We use principles from such methodologies as:

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

  • Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT®)

  • Social Communication, Emotional Regulation, and Transactional Support (SCERTS®)

  • Crisis Prevention Institute's (CPI) Nonviolent Crisis Intervention®

  • Relationship Developmental Intervention (RDI®)

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Our Team

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