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At The Creekside School, we are devoted to discovering the untapped potential of each and every student. That’s why we design our curriculum based on the simple premise that each student’s educational program should fit his or her unique set of interests, strengths and needs. We are extending this philosophy to our proposed new campus in Saratoga, which will offer the same proven, high quality, one-on-one instruction and therapies, thus allowing our students to gain confidence and become more independent as they broaden their communication skills. 


Our proposed campus is designed to integrate with the natural beauty of the surrounding neighborhoods. It will be situated on four acres that provide a tranquil environment for learning, including abundant trees, a flourishing garden and a pool for aquatic therapies. Our small classroom spaces, multi-purpose rooms and fully fenced site will ensure a safe and stimulating environment designed to meet the needs of our students.


Expanding our program to meet the growing needs of our most vulnerable children


Our mission at The Creekside School is to dramatically improve the quality of life for our students and their families. Since our inception in 2007, the number of students who are in need of our services has steadily increased, as more students continue to be diagnosed each year with developmental and learning challenges. Unfortunately, due to the space constraints at our existing facility in San Jose, we have been unable to touch as many lives as we would like to - until now.


We are very excited to announce that we are in the progress of designing and submitting an application for a world-class, state-of-the-art facility in Saratoga, California. The proposed site will serve students from preschool age through young adulthood, offering vocational skills to help them become more active participants in the community. We will open our doors to serve 12 students with the potential for 60 students.

Building a stronger community - together


Integrating and collaborating with the community partners where we work, live and learn has always been an important cornerstone of our school. Throughout the years, we have worked with local schools and volunteers to provide meaningful and impactful volunteer opportunities to help our students build friendships and increase awareness and empathy for special needs children in the community.


We have also worked closely with educational institutions to raise the next generation of special education teachers, with the goal of better understanding learning disabilities and continually improving and refining our teaching techniques. This builds on one of our core beliefs that anyone can learn once we learn how to teach them.



Project Background



  • Planning Commission Study Session – Creekside School Application

        Where: City of Saratoga Senior Center, Saunders Room, 19655 Allendale Avenue

        When: Tuesday July 25, 2017 at 5:30 p.m.





























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