Teaching to the Individual

Each student's team consists of a Special Education Teacher, a Speech-Language Pathologist, an Occupational Therapist and highly skilled Teaching Assistants. The Creekside School supports the individual needs of each student by utilizing a highly collaborative approach. Team members consult regularly with each other and provide cross-trainings on their expertise. 

The student's program is developed around their areas of interest while taking into consideration their sensory and communication needs. Parents provide input on their hopes for their child and their particular needs in the home environment. Staff have the freedom to develop individualized curriculum materials to engage each student and help them reach their IEP goals.

The progress and development of each student is evaluated regularly. Evaluations include observations, data analysis, team discussion and communication with family and outside professionals.


The Creekside School is a functional skills program leading to a certificate of high school completion. Functional academics expose students to a mix of academic skills, concepts and curriculum while teaching the everyday life skills our students need to be as independent as possible in adulthood.

Curriculum at The Creekside School is individualized for each student based on their IEP goals and in alignment with the standards-based functional-skills curriculum guide developed by the Special Education Administrators of County Offices (SEACO) as well as the California Common Core standards.

All students learn daily living skills at The Creekside School through participation in pre-vocational activities on campus and volunteer activities off campus. These activities of daily living include cooking, laundry, hygiene, gardening, cleaning, office jobs, and grocery shopping.

Speech and Language Services

Speech and Language Pathologists address each student’s receptive and expressive language skills. Therapeutic goals may address articulation, pragmatic communication, mean-length utterance, the use of speech generating devices, navigating Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS), and following multi-step verbal directions. The Speech and Language Pathologist is a key member of the faculty, working closely with the teaching staff, other therapists, families and in-home service providers from other agencies.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

A wide range of AAC approaches is used at The Creekside School in order to improve the social and communication competence of our students. We use both aided (speech generating devices, iPads, icons etc.) and unaided (gestures, self signs, facial expressions etc.) forms of AAC to promote positive behavior, emotional regulation, expressive language, receptive language and social communication.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists address each student's ability to use their senses effectively to regulate their response to the environment around them. Therapeutic IEP goals may address gross and fine motor development, visual-perceptual skills, sensory modulation, motor sequencing, self-care, independent living, and prevocational skills. The Occupational Therapist at The Creekside School is a key member of the faculty, spending most of their day working directly with the students in a collaborative atmosphere alongside the teaching staff and Speech and Language Pathologist.

Community Based Instruction

The Community Based Instruction (CBI) program is an essential part of the school curriculum, benefiting students by providing real experiences in the local community. CBI activities include volunteering at local organizations, recreational field trips and regular functional outings to local stores. Specific skills taught within the community that can be generalized across environments include safety, communication with community members, sensory regulation, functional academics, and transportation.

​Taking our students into the community and building relationships with local organizations benefits the autism community by raising awareness and acceptance of people with special needs. Our CBI program would not be possible without the support and kindness of our community partners.

Physical Education

The Creekside School PE program focuses on the fundamentals of a variety of team based and individual sports and fitness activities. The PE program reinforces social skills such as turn taking, sharing, waiting and following instructions; functional academic skills such as counting, sequencing and following multi-step visual directions; and self-regulation skills such as breathing and body awareness. Specific fitness activities taught at The Creekside School include baseball, basketball, soccer, yoga and swimming. The PE program promotes a healthy lifestyle and to helps students acquire improved overall fitness and health.

Music Therapy

The Creekside School offers music therapy on Tuesday and Thursdays.  Registered music therapist Karen Hook works with students individually and in small group music sessions. These sessions reinforce fine motor skills, social skills, and communication development while teaching our students how to use a variety of instruments and potentially read music.

Animal Assisted Inclusion

The Creekside School partners with Animal Assisted Happiness and The Achiever Christian School to provide an inclusive experience for our students on campus twice per month.


These adult-facilitated sessions with bunnies, guinea pigs, chickens and goats benefit both the Creekside and Achiever students as they learn

about animals and one another while building friendships.

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