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Other-than-COVID-19 News!

COVID-19 has been top of mind at our school this fall (as it should be), and we are very proud of our students and staff for their diligence about wearing masks and/or shields, handwashing, social distancing and staying outdoors as much as possible.

We were eager, in spite of all of that juggling, to not delay our long-planned professional development with the research staff at TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and Communication Handicapped Children), a nationally recognized program at the University of North Carolina.

Through virtual sessions that began in August and concluded in December, we received valuable advice on ways to fine tune the physical organization of our classrooms and visual cues we use throughout our campus to help our students navigate their school days.


We enjoyed learning about the TEACCH work systems and how to apply them to our students to increase their flexibility, self confidence and independence.

Our thanks to the TEACCH staff for the very productive learning sessions.