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Creekside is expanding carefully to ensure we maintain our exceptional level of service to our students. 

On our Lean Avenue campus we have room to grow to 10 classrooms serving 60 students in grades 1-12, plus an Adult Transition Program serving students to age 22.

As with everything we do at Creekside, we are expanding our program carefully to ensure that we maintain our exceptional level of support for our students and their families.

One of the largest obstacles in our expansion is a shortage being felt throughout the country of special education teachers, particularly those with autism training. 

Creekside is helping to address this shortage as a founding member of a consortium of nonpublic schools and school districts that is hosting a Master's Degree in Education Teacher Residency Program.

We are excited to be contributing to building a pipeline of highly-qualified, passionate special education teachers who will be entering the workforce in the years to come. 

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