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Students at Creekside School are working towards a High School Certificate of Completion

Creekside Student Profile

Students at Creekside School:

  • Have a goal of being awarded a High School Certificate of Completion

  • Require a modified curriculum

  • Frequently require 1:1 support for personal safety and the safety of those around them

  • Require significant language (most are nonverbal) and sensory support

  • Exhibit behaviors that limit access to the community

Grade Levels Served

Our school is licensed to serve grades 1 through 12, and includes an Adult Transition Program for students up to age 22.


The Creekside School is a functional skills program leading to a certificate of high school completion. Functional academics expose students to a mix of academic skills, concepts and curriculum while teaching the everyday life skills our students need to be as independent as possible in adulthood.

Curriculum at The Creekside School is individualized for each student based on their IEP goals and in alignment with the standards-based functional-skills curriculum guide developed by the Special Education Administrators of County Offices (SEACO) as well as the California Common Core standards.

All students learn daily living skills at Creekside including cooking, laundry, hygiene, gardening, cleaning, and grocery shopping. Students also participate in pre-vocational and volunteer activities on and off campus such as weekly meal deliveries for Meals on Wheels and stocking shelves at nearby stores.

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