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Each day, students take skills they are learning in the classroom and practice them in the community.

Community-Based Instruction (CBI) is an integral part of life at Creekside.

Our students' reading efforts in class are reinforced when they go out into the community and practice following signs to a doctor's office, scan a menu, and read product labels to distinguish between a bottle of shampoo from a bottle of conditioner.  

They observe behaviors and learn what is acceptable and what is not. They practice identifying community helpers like police, firefighters, teachers and bus drivers.


CBI activities include volunteering at local organizations, recreational field trips, and functional outings such as trips to the grocery store, post office, and gas station. 

And conversely, our students' outings into the community offer the general public an opportunity to interact with people with special needs, and see that they are capable individuals making positive contributions to their community.

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