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Professional Development

Our Culture of Learning is evidenced by the significant investment we make in the ongoing professional development (PD) of our teachers, teaching assistants and autism-related services team.

Teaching staff at nonpublic schools must complete over 45 hours of annual training as mandated by law (crisis prevention, behavior emergency reports, Individualized Education Program laws and compliance, etc.).


Creekside provides 80 additional hours of professional development each year where staff delve into highly-specialized topics such as sensory processing disorder and integration, behavioral functioning, and the latest-generation speech generating devices.

Teacher Residency

Creekside School is a founding member of a consortium of nonpublic schools and school districts throughout the Bay Area that is hosting a Master's Degree in Education Teacher Residency Program, a multi-year effort funded by the State of California to address the severe statewide shortage of special education teachers.

The teacher residents are employed by member schools and receive tuition assistance throughout their residency.

The residency program brings together theory, coursework and on-site practice in an integrated learning experience where each builds upon the other. Aspiring teachers are gradually exposed to the rigors of their profession, guided along the way by mentor teachers and field work supervisors.

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