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Creekside teaching staff create a culture of learning for our students

Credentialed Teachers

Creekside teachers are credentialed special education teachers who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their classrooms. With our emphasis on highly-individualized instruction, our teachers are given significant autonomy to direct their students' learning in their classroom, around the campus, and in the community. 

Experienced Teaching Assistants

Creekside teaching assistants have extensive experience in working with children with profound autism, and are at the front line of our education ecosystem. 

Under the direction of the class teacher, and in coordination with the autism-related services therapists, they create highly-individualized learnings tools for each student. 

Teaching Team Collaboration

Classroom teams meet at the end of each school day to review their students' triumphs and challenges, share observations about each student's evolving needs and interests, and strategize on ways to address challenging behaviors.

IEP Goals and Measurements

We define clear learning goals in our students’ Individualized Education Programs, and then invest time and resources to observe and track actions over time to measure our students’ progress towards those goals.

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